Spices and colonial products

We aim to make importing SAFE and SIMPLE.

The spice department specializes in the international brokerage of spices, dehydrated and freeze-dried vegetables, as well as dehydrated herbs and seeds for human consumption.

We find the right quality at the right price, both for delivery of cointainer loads from origin and partial loads by truck from the European market.

Spices may originate from countries where the food standards  may be  less rigorous  than in Western countries. For this reason, we meet, visit and select suppliers that  guarantee customers the utmost care in the selection and processing of raw materials, as well as compliance with European food regulations.

International trade involves technical aspects, risks and responsibilities  which must be managed; we are members of the GAFTA, The Grain and Feed Trade Association of London, and we regularly take part in their courses to acquire the best possible knowledge of international standard contracts. This provide the best knowledge to advise and  to assist our customers and suppliers in case of unexpected events.

An amicable solution to complaints is our first goal.

We also employ a team of experts when necessary; insurance agents, freight forwarders, transport companies and lawyers, who can add  their services and their experience.

Reliability, long-term relationships and ethics are our core  values.


Pepper, cinnamon, turmeric and ginger, just to name a few. From 1 kg packaging to big bags; from the natural product to  steam sterilized, to guarantee the maximum microbiological safety.


Dehydrated herbs

The best of Mediterranean and European herbs, dried and ready for use. We offer guaranteed products that are allergen-free and 100% pure, namely, without any herbs of inferior quality added.


Dehydrated / freeze-dried vegetables

Goods processed near the growing  area, paying particular  attention to the absence of extraneous vegetable material by using optical sorting machines (Sortex), magnets and metal detectors, respecting European food regulations.


Seeds for human consumption

Oilseeds, seeds for baking  and novel foods (chia, hemp, quinoa) both whole and in powder form.


Dried fruit



Dried legumes



Most products are also available with organic certification.



Forwarding Agents

Customs clearance is a key act  act when importing goods into the European Community. We therefore recommend choosing your forwarding agent carefully to ensure that all practices are carried out as accurately and as quickly as possible.

Compagnie di assicurazioni

Insurance companies

In CFR contracts the risk of loss or damage of  the goods passes from the seller to the buyer when the container is loaded on board the vessel. We therefore recommend that you always obtain effective insurance coverage, not only to cover the risk of damage to the goods during the journey but also in case of a “General Average” a potential cause of much higher loss.

Avvocati specializzati in diritto alimentare

Lawyers specialized in food law

Food laws are sometimes difficult to interpret and may require involvement of an expert.

Trasporti via terra / via mare

Transportation by land / by sea

Send or collect pallets in Italy or Europe or organize freight from and to a foreign port.